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Every Author Needs an Editor

Do not let silly errors embarrass you.

It is necessary to find book editing services that are effective. This is the central part of the publishing process. At Paragon Infotek, we help you to proofreading, your manuscript through our copyediting services. We make sure that the final manuscript is without any typos or errors which will show the readers that adequate measures have been taken to ensure that your work is perfect.

As part of our professional proofreading services we offer the following:
  • Checking for grammatical, spelling errors
  • Checking layouts, typographical symbols, etc.
  • Correcting spellings and grammatical errors
  • Checking cross references, fonts
  • Looking for consistency in style
  • Book Authoring

Let’s take a look at our services in detail:

Proofreading: In this process we check the layout and the typesetting. We proceed with page proofs and offer suggestions on the typesetting conventions that have been used. While sending a manuscript for proofreading it is necessary that the manuscript is complete and there would not be any further changes in the storyline. Proofreading is generally the last stage of the editing process. From our end we notify the authors or publishers about any discrepancies regarding layout, line breaks, special typographical symbols, appearance of type, etc. Quotes are provided on a per page basis depending on the material to be handled.

Copyediting:There are 3 levels for our copyediting services–light, medium and heavy

Light or Baseline editing services include the following:
  • Correcting spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Checking the cross references
  • Checking for consistencies in fonts, spellings, hyphenation, numerals, capital letters
  • Ensuring proper sequencing in the displayed materials
  • Recording the first references to figures, tables, and other display elements

A light copyedit does not involve smoothing transitions or changing heads or text to ensure parallel structure. The editor checks content only to detect if anything is missing in the copy.

For Medium editing services we offer the following:
  • To achieve parallel structure changing the text and heading
  • Flagging inappropriate figures of speech
  • Flagging ambiguous or incorrect statements
  • Ensuring that key terms are handled consistently and that the index contains all terms that meet client criteria
  • Ensuring that previews, summaries, etc. reflect content
  • Enforcing consistent style and tone in a multi-author manuscript
  • Changing passive voice to active voice, (if requested)

Besides these, all the services listed under Light editing are also included.

Heavy editing services:
  • Removing inappropriate jargons and triteness
  • Smoothing transitions and moving sentences to improve readability
  • Assigning new levels to heads to achieve logical structure
  • Improving the flow of the text
  • Includes services under Medium editing
At this stage, the editor may also advise to rewrite rather than just flag the errors to ensure a uniform tone and focus as per the requirements of the client.

At every stage in copyediting, the editor will communicate with the author regarding discrepant statements, correct the errors, prepare a style sheet and ask for further advice if the solution suggested for a particular problem is still unclear.

Writing and Rewriting: If you need help in writing or rewriting your books, we can take care of your problem. Rewriting and writing requires a sympathetic understanding of what the author wants to express and how. We have the trained hands to take care of your needs.

Indexing: We develop a well structured index that reflects the ideas found in the book perfectly. The index, thus, is a map to the book and reflects the author’s ideas. Besides writing the index, we also edit it thoroughly to ensure that it is consistent, clear and complete.

Manuscript editing and proofreading are broad categories and encompass an array of editing levels. Our services include the following different kinds of editing functions:

  • manuscript consultation
  • developmental editing
  • substantive and structural editing
  • stylistic editing
  • copy editing
  • proofreading
  • writing and rewriting
  • indexing
  • research
  • fact checking/reference checking
  • fiction and non-fiction books
  • journals and magazines
  • newspapers
  • corporate documents and reports
  • business newsletters and brochures
  • academic papers
  • websites
  • ESL students

Why Paragon Infotek for Editorial Services?
We have an experienced team of editors, headed by a Chief Editor. Besides the above mentioned services, we also offer freelancing editing services related to fiction and non-fiction books, corporate communications and academic manuscripts. Whether the requirement is for a first time author, corporate image or a student, we have the right services to bail you out with your endeavors.

Editorial Service

Editorial Service

Editorial Service