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We can enhance your books with illustrations

Illustrations add magic and character to a book. As one of the leading book illustration companies, we understand how an illustrator can breathe life into your fictional characters and help the book to come alive. If you have a concept that is difficult for you to explain then our custom illustration services can help you. We have an artistic team that can help you precisely with computer generated 2D images, sequential images, flat images and many more.

At Paragon Infotek, we provide our clients with the following services:
  • Customized and creative illustration services
  • A wide range of book illustration styles to choose from
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Committed team for the client

Types of Illustrations we work on
What is a book without pictures? It is illustrations that add magic and character to a book. If you are writing for children, completing the manuscript is winning only half the battle. We offer various types of illustration services. Besides using the traditional forms, we also provide digital illustrations. These illustrations can be hand drawn too. Difference lies in drawing them on a computer platform. This process requires basic painting skills and expertise. We also use the latest software and plugins to make sure that the illustrations achieve a realistic touch. Whether you are looking for illustrations for a children’s book or a mascot in the cartoon category, we have the necessary resources to deliver both.

We also offer illustration services for Technical, Scientific and Medical books in the forms of tables and graphs. The types of illustration that we provide can be used for both web and print applications.

Different styles of Illustrations
We can offer you the following illustration styles:
We find out every detail about your story ideation and characters
To transform ideas into images, it is vital for book illustration companies to form a clear notion about the book. Our next step is to develop the sketches and we will send it to you for feedback.

Why Paragon Infotek for Illustrations?
If you want to narrate a tale and aspire to become successful writer or publisher, we can deliver what you need. We can guide you through the entire process and assist you in transforming your manuscript to a full-fledged book.

Our in house team has talented children book illustrators who can turn your imaginary characters into visual delights and thus, make your books an instant hit with the little ones.

Flip through our illustration styles and choose the one that suits you the most.

Illustrations Service

Illustrations Service