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Paragon Infotek offers data processing services to its global clients that are tailored to meet the requirements and deadlines. Accuracy is critical for such services and our expert team ensures that the final result is just perfect. From document imaging, typing to OCR conversion–we are well equipped to provide effective solutions. We provide our services to publishing houses, local authorities, university departments, research organizations, businesses as well as private firms.

If you hire us, we can provide the following benefits:
  • High data accuracy
  • Superior quality services
  • Highly skilled professionals
  • Pragmatic approach
  • Affordable costs

We offer word processing services to both organizations and individuals. We have over 19 years of experience in providing these services to a global clientele. As a result we can undertake a variety of assignments dealing with books, magazines, booklets, research papers, manuscripts, brochures, thesis, essays, etc. Irrespective of whether it is a new document that you want to be typed or simply an old paper that needs to be converted into a computer file, Paragon Infotek is the real solution for you. We have a team of highly skilled professionals, who can help you in providing comprehensive solutions for various kinds of scripts.

OCR Conversion: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Conversion services are carried out by using high-resolution scanners in order to ensure accuracy. You can opt for Auto Feed Scanning that includes all the pages sent through a document feeder. Manual Scanning is another service which is effective for even bound materials. We can provide the final product in any format that you require – word, spreadsheet, text, etc.

We can index the images as well and deliver them in DVD, CD or on FTP. While indexing the pages, it is generated in the PDF format. This service is for books, where there is a requirement to reprint them. On the demand basis, we can also deliver the same in e-pub format.

We are well equipped with the latest technologies to deal with document imaging, scanning and indexing services.

Document Imaging: We specialize in handling fragile or historical materials as well as digitize several important documents. By utilizing our efficient team and latest equipments we can manage crucial projects successfully. We can also index the images if required.

Typing Service: Do you have an old handwritten manuscript to take care of? We might be able to help you out. Or else you might need a hand to put your thoughts on the computer file. Whichever reason it is, our typing services will be effective solutions for you. We understand that typing services are about accuracy and quality. It is a key factor to help you keep pace with the competition all around. In this regard, we can offer high quality services at affordable rates. We also provide typing service for mathematical papers and equations within the textbook as per required formats. In addition we can also create drawings, charts and graphs that are used in academic books.

Why Paragon Infotek for Word Processing Services?
We have excellent team that understands the need to deliver on time and professional requirements. We keep up with the industry standards while providing solutions for our clients. We also assure fast turnaround time and seamless communication as far as the projects are concerned.

As far as our client base is concerned, we work with educational institutes, first time writers, publishing houses, printing press, research organizations and renowned authors.
Word Processing Service

Word Processing Service

Word Processing Service